About Sackies

Sackies Skalkos is the founder of Yoga Republic est. 2004,a busy and friendly yoga studio in the heart of Cork city. He started practicing yoga over 20 years ago on his first visit to India and has been teaching worldwide for 15 years. A lifetime health enthusiast he began his career at the age of 12 as a semi-professional swimmer. Sackies worked in the U.K for the British Council as a health adviser and yoga teacher for many years. His students in the U.K varied from dedicated yogis, rugby players, cyclists, tennis and squash players, office workers, the visually impaired, students with mental illnesses and teenagers. 

His previous study of anatomy, physiology and bio-mechanics contribute to his deep understanding of posture and alignment and his years of experience have given him immense knowledge on how different physiques react to asanas (postures). He teaches a dynamic and fast flowing style of yoga: Kyma Vinyasa (unique to Yoga Republic).

Vinyasa yoga is an evolving form of traditional yoga that focuses on integrating breath and movement, awareness and alignment, strength and flexibility and your practice with your daily life-style.

Originating within the yogic teachings of Sri T. Krisnamarcharya and linked to a dynamic and fast flowing dance, asanas (postures) are connected through breath for a physically and mentally transformative effect.

Sackies’ teaching style reflects his studies in all the branches of Vinyasa (Ashtanga and Iyengar) – his studies of Ashtanga Vinyasa, contribute the dynamic and fast pace to his teaching, while his studies in Iyengar yoga contribute an emphasis on posture and alignment. He believes that yoga should evolve with modern life styles and the approach should vary day by day, month by month, season by season and student to student…everyone is 
different, each moment will never be repeated again.. Sackies links the postures to compliment each other with emphasis on physical balance and mental well-being. He believes in and teaches with the words of his native
Greek philosophers in mind: 

"Healthy mind, in a healthy body" -Hippocrates








About Patricia V.

In her classes, Patricia loves challenging the practitioner by offering a creative sequences of poses (asanas). This flow is driven by the goal of achieving an ultimate peak pose. The whole session is designed to warm the body up with that specific purpose in mind, preparing the practitioners to explore their abilities further than in normal life. It is playful and at times difficult, but always, always rewarding. The class is adapted to all levels and conditions, offering different variations according to everybody’s abilities.
Slowly, the students are introduced to breathing and meditating techniques that can help in their daily living (throwing fewer cups of coffee in anger, faking acceptance of your bosses’ faults with a graceful smile, etc).
Patricia completed my 200 hours Ashtanga Vinyasa training at Yoga Republic, with Sackies. She found his knowledge inspiring both as teacher and a practitioner, Her first class with Sackies left her  dazed and full of  energy. 
Patricia is currently exploring Iyengar variations of a pose and use of props to complement these teachings. She likes the idea of providing alternatives to the student that ease their own personal challenges… “Only with control can you the master be”.
Patricia’s hope is to help others deepen their practise and come off the mat with a sense of nurture and peace in their body and mind.
Patricia has a background in engineering and science. It is a profession that requires attention to detail and care for what one does, but it has also taught her that it is as important to appreciate your own qualities, and that there are not black-and-white solutions. She currently enjoys sharing her discipline in contact with students. She finds that this experience is complemented with yoga, as both have parallel ways to understand other people’s ways of thinking, and need constant awareness.